Welcome home the men.

Women empowerment for ages has merely focused on just talking to and about women, the difficulties of women and in some extreme cases, even insulting men to make the situation better for the ladies. Lately, it has become a battle of egos and power struggle between the genders. “Overpowering men” shouldn’t become the agenda. So, changing that perspective will be the first step by the Mystoryasawoman team. We urge all the men reading this to nominate one woman who they respect, admire and look up to and share their story with us.

We have been reminded quite a few times about coexistence, and how can we co-exist if we don’t even consider one part of the society? We have forgotten that men have played a crucial role in changing distressing situations pertaining to women like Sati, female infanticide etc. To name a few key reformers, Raja Ram Mohan roy was the first Indian to protest against the practice of Sati while Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar was an impassioned supporter of Female education and was against Polygamy. So, if we need to change the treatment of women, then we need to stop treating society as a foreign entity and start accepting that we make the society and we need to stand up for ourselves.

And ladies, while we are all in for women power, don’t let yourself believe all men are mean. Let us work together.


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