Love or Career?

loveSometimes I wonder, what is it that I want more? A husband who loves, respects and cherishes me the most or a career which gives me respect, satisfaction and that smile on my face everyday. I at times wonder, what I would choose because, asking for both seemed to be very selfish. I was sitting one day and seeing wedding videos and I realized what a beautiful emotion it is. Love. The complete shift it creates in a person. And on the rest of the days I just skim though universities websites, job opportunities and wonder how a person of my same age could do three times more things than me!career

I was making my wish that night saying I would give up the dream love of my life if I am able to just get to that point of my career where I was completely content. But, I opened my eyes and wondered, what if I had no one to share it with? Would that be okay? Would it be okay when I don’t have my parents anymore to call and excitedly share things with? Who will I share it with? It struck me then, a marriage filled with love would be the best thing that would happen to me after my career. And that they didn’t simply say, “you find love in the better half of you”. To many more beautiful dreams, wishes and love in life. The best realization was, I deserve both, because I am worth it and it isn’t being selfish.



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