Be Confused. Be passionate.


Ten years back, if someone had told me that I would write a book someday, I would have laughed for hours. When I was 22, I had no idea what to do with my life. I did not know what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if I needed to follow the million others in making money to pay bills or to choose my own path. If you are 21 and don’t know where you are headed, fear not. You are not alone! This is the first thing I want all of you out there to know. It’s ok to stand at cross roads and not knowing which road to choose. It is even okay think – ‘why choose a road. Why not fly?’ the more questions you ask, the more you explore yourself and your passions. If you do not have questions on what you want to do, then you surely aren’t headed anywhere.

Being confused is the most common trait for any human. All the successful people today were once not sure of what they wanted. It took them some failures, some downs and some bad decisions to get where they are now. So, it is okay to be confused and it is ok not to know where you want to be headed. But, it is okay only okay if you accept the fact that you are confused and is willing to sit down and find the clarity within for it else you will be a blind folded person in the middle of nowhere.
Life has been nothing but a roller coaster without a safety belt it’s like changing the wheel while driving without any co-passenger. When you start discovering your true potential, you start to know what you’re good at and the ways to get better at it. You will also start to do more of what you are good at and by doing that, you will start to excel in it. When you start to excel in your passion, you will start to find joy in doing it. When you find joy in following your passion, you will start to spread that joy through that passion. When you spread joy to others through your passion is when you see yourself come a full circle.

I started to blog in 2012, pretty late than I anticipated myself to do it. I didn’t know what to write about. I didn’t know how to write it. All I knew was when I write, I find happiness and I wanted to count on that and do it more often. My initial blogs were way too random and purposeless. It didn’t head anywhere but I loved the feel of writing. Something within me felt good and it longed for more. Hence, I started to write more often. Someday in the year 2013, an editor from a newspaper daily sent me a mail saying she read my blog and wanted to feature it in the paper and until then I didn’t think it was good enough. That gave me more confidence and I started to explore my horizon on topics that I wrote. From being conservative, I went on to write about Sex, Affairs, Divorce, and Physical abuse and so on. Before I knew it, I had thousands reading my blog and many sending me messages on how they made a difference to their life. That is when I knew the power of the pen and how much a difference it can make. I became more responsible in what I wrote and took more interest in writing topics that I went through in life. I wanted my writing to give an assurance to people that they weren’t alone and if I could do it, so can they. The relatable factor was my key and I played that to my strength.

It was the summer of 2014 and I was in the middle of a project in my ex company. It was so boring that I had to kill time somehow. I wanted to write a short story on my blog. “A three chapter story to pull me through the week” – I told myself. I titled it “Return of the Madrasi” – a story of a guy who is coming back to India after a long stint in the USA. When I finished the third chapter, I knew I wanted to write the forth and then the fifth and it went on and on. Before I knew it, I had written 15 chapters. I took a break because work was hectic in between. But then, people started to ping asking why the next chapter hasn’t come out yet and I kept wondering “are people actually reading this?” and my imagination took wings and one lead to another and
became a book!

I have changed the title as “Make it 2” to suit more to the story of the book. Honestly, I would have never thought I would become an author. But what gives me more happiness is that every day I have at least one person who tells me that my writing has made an impact in their life. I have people telling me I inspire them. My writing has helped them come out of their misery. My writing has helped them speak out and speak up. The happiness of seeing someone come up in life and knowing that I played a small part in it without physically being there for them but through my writings is the best feeling ever.

To all those who are wondering what to do in life , this is what I want to tell you – Keep doing what you love, one day it will love you  back. This is the best relationship you will have in your life, a relationship that will never leave you no matter how bad you are at it.


Keep shining.

Sharada Vijay



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