That dream love story.

The eternal love..

As an ex-model, Radio jockey and a double masters degree holder, she took her small little world by storm. Katya Kukuruza is the quintessential 21st century modern woman; having a blazing career as a civil engineer, an upscale apartment in a posh area, she epitomizes the fierce, independent woman. She has an adorable dog, she is more than happy to welcome a 19 year old foreigner to be part of her “Russian family”; she loves fiercely and feels deeply.. In the truest sense, she proves that even the alpha woman needs a little romance in her life. While the guy is strong and fierce for the world outside, it is the private tenderness that makes a heart do the flip. Alexi is the director of an advertising agency but more appealing is his late night cakes, milkshakes and hot chocolate.

Love has, since long, stopped being the symbol of ostentatious displays of affection. Having the quiet support of a steady partner is the ideal. She first met her husband, Alexi, upon joining the university in 2007. He was the cool guy on block and she was the industrious scholar. But life is stranger than fiction and 9 years later, they are together in the bliss of matrimony. The power couple slogs during the day but manages to be home by dinnertime. He cooks, since she would burn down the house if she goes near the microwave. She holds up her part of the deal by keeping the house in order. She makes sure everything is spic and span. One might not want to leave fingerprints on her fridge even by mistake.(Just kidding, she is far from the Dracula). This is a modern fairy tale where they believe that love is simply supporting and understanding each other and making a home together by equal division of work. They are currently saving up for a vacation in Egypt and India and want to plant trees on their next anniversary. They want to be parents to triplets. Katya fondly remembers her first Valentine day to be “magical and romantic”.

Their simple understanding of love is “not just romance, but support and understanding”.

Personal experience with the couple:

– Subha Nivedha

I lived with this beautiful family for over a month and what I learnt then, will last forever. This young couple opened their doors and heart for a 19 year old foreigner and embraced her as their own. For me they are my “Russian family”. The love they showered on me tears me up even today. While Katya can be this party girl, she also was the one who made sure I was safe every second during my stay there. They spent every night teaching Russian and cooking me delicious food. They spent their weekends, holidays and every spare moment with me skiing, trekking or simply hanging out with me. Not everyone would be kind enough to do what they did for me. Not every couple is this balanced. While the love shines in their eyes, it shows more in their actions. The ease at which they supported each other’s dreams and ambitions is beautiful. More than anything, the respect and regard they have for each other leaves any onlooker hoping for a life like theirs. I have learnt to appreciate the power of love, because, despite the cruel world outside, I was privy to their quaint little world and that gives me hope.


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