Just my love and my story.


She never did believe in love at first sight. It never even happened to her. She didn’t fall in love with him; it was his thoughts, the way his eyes lit up with humor, how he admitted that he drew inspiration from her. And so she walked in love with him. But she was always the romantic realist and she never had any speck of expectations. However, destiny had other plans and he felt the magic with her too. This wasn’t a storybook romance though. They both have big plans. He wants to be the change this system needs. From wanting to do masters in Political science, to leading the youth parliament in the city and wanting to sit in the Cabinet one day, he was a firebrand to her flame. She comes from a family of single, independent women and has ambitions of working till midnight at a leading law firm. So this is their modern fairytale devoid of undying declarations of love. They goad each other to achieve their dreams. They have no obligations and commitments between them, no promise of future. What they do have is, the trust of having each other at 3am, knowing that there is someone who understands their thirst for personal growth and gives them the space for it. She doesn’t want flowers and chocolates and rings. All she wants is a shoulder to lean on; someone who adds brightens her smile for the day, who adds to her happiness. They live in the present with hope and relentless aspirations. She can live without him, but she doesn’t want to.

Shrishma Dandekar


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