The moment you stop at the traffic red light you might have noticed a women with a child in her arms, banging your car window or a young boy running up to you or a handicapped man asking you for arms.

Don’t you feel sorry for these people?

Let’s face it, we’ve all felt sorry for them at some point in our lives. The Tech Wizards started when we saw a beggar being ridiculed on a street by a commuter and it’s at that moment that we knew that there could be a no better social cause that we could work for. Someone once said that capability can face challenges, it just requires opportunities and Vagabond is born to do so.


As Commerce students we were flabbergasted to be in the team of five from among the 3000 girls at college and an opportunity like the WeTech Technovation program was huge.

We were really excited about the program as developing an app was a whole new level of knowledge and being connected to technology is something we really missed as accounts students! Initially we met up at the Goldmansachs office twice a week to brainstorm about the idea.


Our mentors Arsha Jacob, Radhika Mittal and Abhinav Sinha were the most generous, enthutiastic, patient and corporative people we’ve come across who have been our support system throughout the program. Brainstorming lead us into a pool of social issues to cater to and we came with social issues like malnutrition, transgenders, farming, water conservation, connecting NGO’s etc. We were so confused with which idea we should finalize with, the one day on our way to the Goldmansachs office we stopped at a signal were we saw a beggar being mistreated by the commuter ahead and it’s that moment that the idea struck us that beggary was the social issue that we would counter through our app.


We started working towards our app so that we could help the destitute at a better chance in the society and for an opportunity for a better life.

The major struggle that we faced during the implementation of Vagabond was appinventor we spent hours on it to understand each and every function. For our surveys we went to various NGO’s and orphanages which we guess was one of the best experiences.


One of the orphanages ‘Home of Faith’ were we got to spend a day with the children were we helped them make binoculars and talking and listening to these children was one of our heart melting moments. The values that each of these children possessed made us feel so small in front of them. We also met the Additional Commissioner of Bangalore who was very interested in our app.

Interacting with so many people we learnt so much.  We Enjoyed every bit; from brainstorming, discussing and debating on our ideas, working on prototype ..making speeches  to pitching our app idea.


This is Tanya.S.Kumar, Priyanka Bajaj, Sucharitha Suresh, Anushka Mathur and Nisha Harish thanking IIE for a program like Technovation, Goldmansachs for our amazing mentors, Mount Carmel PU College for giving us such an opportunity and above all our parents who have supported us for every bit of the program. It has been an outstanding experience, an unforgettable journey and the dawn of a new beginning VAGABOND.




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