Crooning her way to success.


At the age of 20, she has her name on one of the biggest projects of Kollywood. Sanjana Divaker is the graduate of the MOP Vishnav College, Chennai.  


Sanjana Divaker was brought up in a Joint family, consistent with the stereotypical Indian tradition. Women, in her family, were taught to be needing of protection from men. Right in her founding years, she observed that her brothers and male cousins were given much more freedom than her. Unlike her, they were taught to be independent and self sufficient. She always believed that to be the law of the nature, until it dawned on her that nothing really set her apart from the boys. Suddenly a world of opportunities opened up before her and she yearned to achieve that liberating freedom. What propelled her towards her new found mission was her love for music. The earliest realization of her ability came when she won her school’s music competition. However, once again she faced a dilemma of pursuing music as a profession or a hobby, fueled by societal pressures. In a decision, which the bravest would apprehend, she decided to take a leap of faith and devote her time to her passion.

My family was very protective of me and had curfews and such, but they are the force behind my successful music career. They have been with me through it all and that support is the the strongest ever.

For Sanjana, music is therapeutic to all living beings. It is a sound of souls and immensely influential to society.  The evidence is all around. Music videos are used to spread a variety of social messages and it crosses boundaries, as easily as air. She has never regretted her decision to pursue music as her profession; it allows her to influence a spectacular number of people and make a difference to the world.sanjana2

She is a true-blue feminist, believing in equality for everyone; equality in freedom, respect and trust. She echoes the bona fide feminist spirit, emphasizing that feminism does not equal to man-hating women (or men). Rather, a man should use his freedom responsibly. Sanjana was never allowed to venture out of her house after 8pm, because her family was afraid of the unruly boys she might encounter. She believes, this is where the root of gender inequality lies. A man’s misuse of freedom should not be the excuse to curb the liberty of countless women. The society needs to address the cause of the problem and not lock up the victims. Until then, she wants all the girls and women to persevere towards their dreams, no matter how thorny the road seems. That is her mantra to victory.

When we asked her for a message to our readers, she said

I am still learning, so I am not sure if I am wise enough to impart any message. But if there is anything I learnt in the process, it is to always believe in yourself. There will always be ups and downs, and you can’t let the downs shake you. You have to keep going, keep pushing and before you know it, you will be on the top.




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